The iAQ

SHiFT the way you THiNK

IMG_9813Awareness is everything – The more I am learning and personally growing, the more confident I am that internal awareness is absolutely critical to change and transformation. You simply can not change what you are not aware of. I have developed what I call the iAQ, your internal awareness quotient, and I believe it is the key unlocking your potential, creating transformational shifts and developing the outcomes in life, relationships and leadership you deeply need and want.

The process of iAQ is in four parts, and awareness is the first, and often the most challenging part. It requires courage, honesty and vulnerability to want to know more. We then move from awareness to shifting to growth and finally to alignment. I am not going to explore all of this here, not right now anyway. I want to highlight the importance of wanting to know more, and being brave enough…

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Published by Bretta

I am passionate about seeing people empowered, stretched and grown in all aspects of life. To help people SHiFT the way people think and bring transformation to their world. You can expect a professional, non-judgemental, confidential and safe journey of self discovery and development. A journey of challenge, courage and transformation that will bring effective change, increased performance and most importantly … a better you.

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