The culture of blame

SHiFT the way you THiNK

imageBlame is cultural. It’s what we’re inadvertently taught through most forms of media. TV shows, celebrities, sports stars, movies, politicians and social media. Blame is the social norm and it’s robbing people from creating the outcomes in life they really want. Blame is not only encouraged but it’s endorsed, celebrated and highlighted as normal healthy behaviour.

If you’re not convinced then notice how many times people blame their circumstances or someone else for their behaviour, choices or outcomes. It’s always the referees fault, my parents fault, my partners fault, my bosses fault, my upbringing, or my lack of money or opportunity. It’s the governments fault, the oppositions fault, my dogs fault (he did eat my homework after all), my works fault, my kids fault, my pastors fault and even God’s fault. I have heard it all, and I am pretty sure you have too.

So why is blame the cultural…

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Published by Bretta

I am passionate about seeing people empowered, stretched and grown in all aspects of life. To help people SHiFT the way people think and bring transformation to their world. You can expect a professional, non-judgemental, confidential and safe journey of self discovery and development. A journey of challenge, courage and transformation that will bring effective change, increased performance and most importantly … a better you.

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