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ess_packBe Leadership the essentials package (6 MP3’s and 3 pdf’s)


6 critical, challenging & empowering leadership sessions harnessing the strength of who you are to transform your leadership, relationships and outcomes. Includes: the 6 sessions pre-recorded for you to listen to in the comfort of your own home, car or office. A workbook with more information, notes, diagrams and questions to utilise while you work through each session.

The sessions: 1/ the Aware Leader: the first step of leadership awareness 2/ your leadership motivator – are you a bridge, a fountain, a lighthouse or a lifeboat? 3/the language of a leader 4/ leadership behavioural energy 5/ Critical Conversations 6/ Culture Creation. This resource also includes the 4 levels of awareness assessment tool. You will receive 2 additional pdf’s, one for you to fill in, and another for 2 others to fill in about you. (instructions supplied) When you email these back you will receive a full report, analysis and insight into your awareness level, plus resources, suggestions and tools for change.

sports_mind_shift_coverSPORTS MIND SHIFT – I am excited to offer you a basic copy of my latest little booklet, Sports Mind Shift, which explores 9 principles to help young people embrace an empowering, focused and growth mindset in sport. Sports Mind Shift explores the often underutilised areas of what it takes to be a champion athlete. It focuses on the heart, character and mindset of champion, not how to win games, but how to win at life.

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“Sport has the potential to provide many positive influences on one’s life. This book provides a road map which will help readers find those benefits. Brett’s deep knowledge has its foundations in many years of real life experience combined with focused learnings. His insights into what makes young people tick and his easy style enable him to communicate messages to benefit all aspects of life. This is an important resource which I recommend to anyone seeking to be the best that they can be.” Peter Burgess, President Bonnet Bay FC


SHiFT HAPPENS – 10 re-thinking ideas to help shape your future. Written specifically for 16 to 24 year olds. Available NOW through Amazon for Kindle apps and devices only.