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Perspective is everything

Sounds massive doesn’t it, and just maybe I am being a little over the top, but that’s my perspective. Seriously, perspective is a big deal. It impacts our feelings, our thoughts and our behaviour. Perspective also creates. It creates emotions, it creates outcomes, it creates drama, it creates confusion, it creates problems, it creates anxiety and it creates unhealthy relationships. It also creates calm, peace, strength, gratitude, determination, resilience and contentment. Perspective is one of the keys to your today and to your future. Clearly there is both unhealthy and… Read more Perspective is everything

The fear of disappointing people

In this last week I have had four conversations with different people about disappointing other people. It appears to be a very significant issue that many people are facing. Letting people down. Hurting others. Disappointing people. These things can often leave us feeling like we are a disappointment, and the reality is, we all disappoint people in our journeys of life. When this becomes a fear, it will begin to dictate your life, your choices and even your behaviour. It can leave you feeling pretty crappy and stop you making… Read more The fear of disappointing people

The ART of Learning

We all know that ongoing learning is good for you, and good for others. It’s a healthy part of life and keeps the brain active, and adds significant value to your journey. Developing a learning mindset has been a critical part of my personal journey and this week was a great reminder to me of this. Firstly, a learning mindset is constantly looking for the learning(s) in every aspect of life. This is quite different to what the masses are looking for, and it is a practice you can develop… Read more The ART of Learning