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Each person in a unique combination of characteristics and DiSC® works to bring to light what those qualities are. DiSC® tells you what an individual’s priorities are, tendencies in their behaviour and what motivates and stresses them. It gives insight to your own and other people’s style and why they behave and communicate the way they do. It shows what pace they like to work at and the level of information they need to make a decision.

c9562f77-c53f-4af0-8a99-d0e6c441348eBy understanding your own style and the styles of those around communication becomes more effective, relationships are enhanced and workplaces are made more productive.

In the Everything DiSC® suite there are a number of profiles for use in different contexts:

Everything DiSC® Workplace – can be used with individuals or teams. The profile enables you to discover your own style and to recognise and understand other styles. It also teaches how to adapt to other styles to build more effective relationships.

Everything DiSC® Sales – teaches sales people how to better connect with their customers. It explains to sales people about their own style including its strengths and challenges. It also shows them how to identify customers buying styles and ways to adapt their sales pitch to the customer’s style.

Everything DiSC® Management – looks at the one-to-one relationships a manager has with their subordinates and superiors. In addition to discovering their own style the profile teaches the manager how to direct and delegate to employees with different DiSC® styles, how to motivate and develop them. It also enables the manager to see how their own manager see him/herself and to work with the differing styles they report to.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® – looks at the one-to-many relationships a leader has and on the specific leadership functions of crafting organisational vision, building alignment to the vision within the organisation and championing its execution to ensure the imagined future becomes reality.

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders® – a 360° review based on a minimum of seven people including direct reports, peers, managers and others such a clients and suppliers. The profile looks at eight approaches to leadership and is designed to provide multi-layered feedback. It shows the greatest strengths a leader has and the top three strategies a he/she could focus on to improve leadership effectiveness.