WHAT we do

Be Leadership and Sports MindSHiFT offer coaching, development and training for individuals,  leaders, executives, high performance teams, coaches, athletes, organisations and businesses. We are also available for motivational, challenging and creative speaking engagements. Brett is an engaging, inspiring and creative communicator who has spoken in public on over 1000 occasions.

Our services include: Employee Engagement, Personal Coaching and Life Change, Organisational Culture Consultancy, Leadership Mindsets, Global Culture, Sports Performance Mindset, Behavioural Awareness & Change, Efficiency & Profitability Growth, Refining Systems & Structure, Team Strength Development and Building Trust & Alignment in teams.


Team & Culture Group Workshop
From 45 mins to all day team sessions for groups of 5 to 500+

Some of the sessions we have been operating successfully are listed below:

Strength Based Leadership & Teams (using Clifton Strength Finder assessment) – The 10 Core Practices of Empowering Leadership – Global Culturing: Understanding the key differences in our cultures around the world, and how they impact leadership and employee engagement – Developing High Performance Teams – Coaching & Mentoring others – Effective Public Speaking – Habits of Effective Leaders – Managing People – Employee Engagement – The four core motivators – The 5 universal beliefs – The power of a leaders awareness – Tools to transform – Team DISC assessment: understanding and working with your behavioural energy – The 4 pathways of thinking – Crucial Conversations: speaking up, conflict, expectations and communication – The Language of a Leader – The 3 biggest challenges for modern organisations.


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