be Transforming your organisation, company, business or team is a relational process we engage in together. Depending on the size, direction and structure, we conduct a series of interviews with key stakeholders and get insights to your current reality.

We then develop, alongside the key leaders, strategies, coaching, recommendations and training that focus specifically on the 3 key areas of transformation needed to move forward and become a compelling culture that builds future significance and success.

The 7 KEY areas we focus on through the consultancy are: Vision, Values & Goals; Inclusive Communication; Processes and Procedures; People Management; Internal Conflict; Leadership Practices & Teams; and Employee Engagement.

Brett White has been excellent in bringing clarity and focus to key decision making processes in my personal and professional journey. He has a strong methodology, excellent knowledge and simple, intelligent frameworks that are easy to apply in a variety of situations. I have no hesitation in recommending Be Leadership for personal or team based leadership coaching. Colin Storrie, Deputy CFO, Woolworths

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