WHY? be leadership

“Everyone I know who has met Brett has said his knowledge is invaluable, and I couldn’t agree more! I highly recommend Brett to everyone; from the first session he will transform your life.” Olivia, Impact Hub, Phnom Penh.

Creating compelling CULTURE that builds SIGNIFICANCE and SUCCESS for companies, organisations, teams and leaders.  

Be Leadership understands the challenges of running an organisation or leading a team. Filled with different levels of people challenges, complex chaos, team misalignment and internal conflicts that lead to dissatisfaction, questions and stress. We are committed to helping you develop and create a culture that will build significance and success. We do this relationally through; diagnosis, consultancy, recommendations and key adaptive strategies.


The 7 KEY areas we focus on through the culture consultancy are: Vision, Values & Goals; Inclusive Communication; Processes and Procedures; People Management; Internal Conflict; Leadership Practices, Environment & Teams; and Employee Engagement..

Brett White has been excellent in bringing clarity and focus to key decision making processes in my personal and professional journey. He has a strong methodology, excellent knowledge and simple, intelligent frameworks that are easy to apply in a variety of situations. I have no hesitation in recommending Be Leadership for personal or team based leadership coaching. Colin Storrie, Listed company CFO and Company Director.

Some of the clients we are serving and empowering:


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