SHiFT the way you THiNK

IMG_0345It’s the hip and trending word in today’s world of coaches, leaders, dreamers and achievers. This is a little different from my usual posts but it’s been on my mind for a while, so I felt it was time to share.

A lot of people are calling themselves EPs these days, and there is a wave of people wanting to be one or at least putting the word (a massive 12 letters I struggle to spell) in their profiles.

When I first think of an EP I think of people like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs or Walt Disney, people who are famous for innovation, creativity, success and wealth. We tend to associate EPs with the rich and influential, but are we missing the heart of what it really means to be an EP.  Is being an EP more about who you are, and what you do through who…

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Published by Bretta

I am passionate about seeing people empowered, stretched and grown in all aspects of life. To help people SHiFT the way people think and bring transformation to their world. You can expect a professional, non-judgemental, confidential and safe journey of self discovery and development. A journey of challenge, courage and transformation that will bring effective change, increased performance and most importantly … a better you.

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